Saniba Farmhouse

Price and Packages

Only Day time


/per day

One Day and Night (24 hours)


/per 24 Hours

One Week

Advance booking required with 50% payment deposit and 2 representative’s Aadhar Card copies

Most Frequent Questions

We rent to Families and bachelors for gatherings and parties but liquor / alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Yes. Advance booking is required with deposit of 50% of payment and 2 representative’s Aadhar card copies.

Our farmhouse is a new construction. We are still working to build a cricket playground area soon.

Charges depend on amount of cooking.
Rs. 500 minimum / Rs. 1300 for full cylinder.

No. Please get your own coal.

No. Please arrange for your own cooking.

Our farmhouse is a cool place, we have ceiling fans fitted. Although, you are most welcome to bring your own Air

Please Comply to the following


  • Swimming at your own risk, elders must take care of their children.
  • Shower before/after swimming is Must for health/hygiene of other members.
  • Due to Covid Norms, Local Police and Municipal Authorities insist shower.
  • Swimming Pool will be closed after 11pm
  • Pay 50% or Full Advance for booking confirmation – MUST.
  • Full Rent Payment by cash/GPay before entering the Farmhouse.
  • Submission of Adhar Cards of 2 Representatives – MUST.
  • Submission of Adhar Cards of 2 Representatives – MUST.
  • Maximum members allowed:25 – Additional members will be charged more.
  • Any additional sitting/dining arrangements are Guests’s responsibility.
  • All types of prohibited activities (alcohol, hookah/sheesha, gambling etc)
  • strictly not allowed. Farmhouse owners are not responsible in case of police raid.
  • Loud music not permitted after 10pm as per Local Police Guidelines.
  • Any damaged items are to be paid in cash before vacating the farmhouse.

Cooperation will be much appreciated.
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